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Total Supply Chain Logistics Management

As more and more companies are challenged by the changing market economics and pressured to seek cost alternatives and to re-engineer themselves, outsourcing to third party logistics provider free up major part of their internal corporate resources and reduce their investments in non-core business.


THT Logistics processes all or a portion of the supply chain logistics activities required by our customers and provides them with cost and visibility status vis-à-vis


  • Accurate product flow system
  • Accurate information flow system
  • Real time service efficiency
  • Cost optimization status
  • Streamlined integration processes


Our Total Supply Chain Logistics solution can be a single-source solution to meet your total logistics and distribution needs. We employ the most efficient methods available for sourcing, manufacturing, transportation and order fulfillment, vis-à-vis:


  • By fusing the demand chain and supply chain -
    Our Supplier Management service can provide you the critical components to enable successful international commerce. Acting as your eyes and ears around the world, we bridge time zones, cultures, distance and languages to help create a seamless supply chain. We leverage our international infrastructure, systems and experience on your behalf to proactively manage your overseas suppliers and logistics. THT assists clients to ameliorate forecast demand; order taking; supply replenishment; inventory positioning and shipping efficiency.


  • By understanding the client's needs and their key objectives -
    THT creates sourcing, trading and distribution strategies based on its clients' historic values or their external/internal benchmark requirements.


  • In ensuring seamless integration to the clients' logistic needs; wherever your goods must be moved or stored, we can develop the most efficient and effective way to meet your requirements. Our broad portfolio of services enables us to provide optimized and streamlined supply chain services, so you can focus on your business' core capabilities and on meeting your customers' expectations.


Most recently, THT Logistics offers our ability to operate and manage Regional Distribution Centre for some of our international clients with regional business in Asia.


In all, THT Logistics enables our customers to leverage on costs and expenses, thereby allowing them to free up their resources and achieve agility with their supply chain network.


THT Logistics' understanding of market dynamics and its demonstrated approach to creative and innovative logistics solution enables its customers to increase flexibility in their supply chain programs and allows them to concentrate on their core business competencies.