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Warehouse & Inventory Management



THT Logistics is now situated at strategic location close to PSA Port and within short travel distance to Changi Airport and city center. Our facility comprises of a 77,000 sq ft warehouse facilities and a dedicated operation, admin and IT support crew.


We offer customized storage solutions that suit every needs.


    • Product Configuration
    • Pick and Pack
    • Just-in-time Inventory
    • Order Processing
    • Returns Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Bonded Facilities
    • Physical Security
    • Insurance


Equip with our Warehouse Management System, we manage on-line centralized information flow on stock movement, delivery and inventory status, and customizes solutions to complex supply chain paradigm vis-à-vis


  • Responsive information on inventory status - THT Logistics' WMS program assists it customers to manage inventory by relieving excess and/or obsolete products, reducing inventory cost and getting the right products to their end-users on time. This ability to access real-time information helps THT Logistics' customers to improve customer service and market share


  • Seamless information and process integration - THT Logistics and its international network of strategic partners are able to pick, pack, ship and deliver any stored products to any destination worldwide. THT Logistics' WMS program monitors and charts the progress of these stored and shipped products.


  • SECOM Security Management Services (SMS) installed at THT Logistics' premise is a total and guaranteed security management services. It is equipped with security equipment and sensors at strategic location in our premise. SECOM monitors the status of our premises and respond to any security abnormalities 24/7 round-the-clock with the deployment of security professionals.