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Value Added Services

Our Network 

  • We are strategically located across Asia, with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China to manage and service our clients.


On-Time Monitoring and Information Alert

  • We provide on-line monitoring of your inventory status, cargo movement status via our Logistics Management System
  • We provide notification of cargo freight status including delays. Immediate notice will be send to our customers or the consignee regarding the nature of the delay, and provide with updated delivery information,


Door-to-Door Service (DDS)

  • We provide a service that picks, packs, ships and delivers shipment from the source to the doorstep of the designated location,
  • We handle and manage shipping documents such as Import Tariffs, Certificates of Origin, Export Licenses, and Commercial Invoices and ensure they meet with all compliance regulations.


Off-Site Pick-Up

  • We provide a round the clock delivery service for clients that need island-wide distributions
  • We co-coordinate the movement of clients' entire packages with storage in between transit time according to clients' requirements.


Third Party Trading and Financial Services 

  • This service was established and headed by an experienced former banker to handle any financial queries on behalf of or together with our clients.
  • With competent banking resources, we provide and share financial information such as hedging of foreign currencies, recruiting the most suitable remittent facilities and providing third party trading solution that compliment our premium logistics system.
  • The availability of information on a case-to-case basis provides for better planning and decision-making, thereby enhancing healthier investment returns for our clients.