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2018 : eCommerce Fulfillment Warehouse

eCommerce fulfillmet is the process of receiving, storing, packing, and shipping orders to online consumers (B2C).
As the eCommerce market has grown faster than the traditional "brick and mortar market", THT has seen more and more clients take advantage of this service.
Whether your company is looking to outsource druing peak periods or outsource the entire order fulfillment process, THT is postitioned to satisfy your needs.
You handle the sales, let us handle the eCommerce fulfillment. With an experienced fulfillment staff, and a warehouse locaed at Pandan Ave.


Dec 2017 - Start Our own e-commerce - E4U

The world of eCommerce is a growing market, they are changing the logistics business also, "Traditional logistics companies have to be prepared for a world where, possibly, they are only responsible for functioning as a low-cost channel of delivery and leave customer acquisition and experience to the e-tailers" says Khanna.



Nov 2017 - Attend Qingdao International Expo

Asia’s largest and one of the world’s largest International exhibition for seafood and fish and seafood processing know-how China Fisheries & SeaFood Expo (CFSE) is held in China not by accident, since China produces two-thirds of the world’s seafood, and the Chinese sea products market is the largest, most dynamic and promising in the world today. Each year CFSE exhibitors enter into hundreds millions dollars contracts.

 Sep 2017 - Attend The 5th International Indonesia Seafood & Meat Expo 2017

International Indonesia Seafood and Meat Conference and Expo Focusing on Cold Connection (IISM) is conceived and planned to facilitate the seafood and meat industries as well as the cold chain system of storage and refrigeration facilities.  This event is tailored specific to buyers and suppliers of fresh, frozen, packaged and value added seafood and meat products, equipment and services. It provides a platform of exchange and bridges access from interested buyers to ready suppliers from all over the world in the seafood and meat industries along with the cold connection hardware.

IISM Expo 2019


July 2017 - Attend 10th International Cold Food Supply Chain Logistics Conference




June 2017 - Relocation

THT Logistics move out from Pasir Panjang DistriPark to 21 Pandan Ave, Senkee Logistics HUB # 03-07


 April 2017 - Raja Ampat Trip


Feb 2012 - Business Continuity Management Program SS540:2008 Certification

THT Logistics is certified with Business Continuity Management Program SS540:2008 on 27 Feb 2012.....


Feb 2012 - The Business Times - Embracing Productivity and Innovation - Making Short Work of Short Forms

The KPI System was revamped in 2010 to incorporate Lean Six Sigma Management Strategy - a toolset for solving process problems - and made more accessible through an upgraded IT system as part of the Productivity Management Programme (PMP). The revamp saw THT sink $215,000 into the programme (PMP) which eventually reaped in a 50 per cent increase in profits with a 28 per cent increase in cash flow by the end of the following year.


Apr 2011 - The Business Times - Hopping Onto The Cloud Platform

"With ONEOffice, our Sales team, administrative support and operations crew are able to save time and become more effective and productive in their daily work process" said, Marcus Chang, our Managing Director sharing his experience on how Singtel's ONEOffice - powered by Google, benefited businesses and improved its productivity.


Mar 2011 - Feature in LRQA Taiwan Website - On Our Journey of ISO28000 Certification

THT Logistics shared our experience in the preparation, implementation and external audit of ISO28000 Supply Chain Security Management System.....   Click to view


 Feb 2011 - Circular from Singapore Customs - Launch of TRADEFirst

TRADEFirst has benefited the pioneer batch of companies including THT Logistics which has estimated the cost saving resulting from TRADEFirst to be $25,000.....   Click to view


 Jan 2011 - Lianhe Ziaobao - New Customs One-Stop Banding System

"with Singapore Customs officer's assistance and advice on how to improve on security aspect of our operation, THT Logistics has put in the required security measures and programs matching the needs of attaining the status of Secured Trade Partnership Scheme" said Eric Lee, Deputy General Manager for Corporate Affairs, sharing his experience on the benefits from the launch of TRADEFirst, a new Customs banding system by Singapore Customs.


Jan 2011 - The Straits Times - New Customs Banding System To Benefit Firms

"For home grown logistics company THT Logistics, this new system has enable it to save $25,000" said it's Deputy General Manager for Corporate Affairs, Eric Lee on the launch of TRADEFirst.


Jan 2011 - Launch of TRADEFirst by Singapore Customs


At the launch of TRADEFirst - a new Customs trade engagement and facilitation framework at International Customs Day on 26 January 2011, Marcus Chang, our Managing Director shared his appreciation of the benefits of this new framework and how THT Logistics benefited from it. One the same day, he was interview by Mediacorp News.....  

Click to view TRADEFirst launch video



Oct 2010 - The Straits Times - Firms Recognized For Pandemic Contingency Plans

THT Logistics, among 20 local firms, have won official recognition for their plans to deal with future flu pandemic..... Click to view



Sep 2010 - Employers' Pledge To Fair Employment Practices

THT Logistics pledged for Fair Employement Practices with Tripartie Alliance Singapore. 


Jun & Nov 2010 - ISO 28000 & STP Certification

THT Logistics is certified with ISO 28000 (Supply Chain Security Management System), among the 1st 100 certified company worldwide and Secured Trade Partnership Scheme(STP) in 2010.....


Apr 2010 - Mapletree-Mapping Issue 1: Making The Right Moves

The inaugurated issue writes about Mr. Marcus Chang, our Managing Director's Leadership, Company, Business and his Ambition..... Click to view


Feb 2010 - Flu Pandamic Business Continuity Program Certification 

THT Logistics is certified with Flu Pandemic Business Continuity Program in February 2010.....


Oct 2009 - OHSAS 18001 & SS506 Part 1 Certification


THT Logistics is certified with OHSAS 18001 (Occupation Health and Safety Management System) and SS506 Part 1 in 2009.....


Apr 2009 - Regulated Air Cargo Agents Certification

THT Logistics is certified and registered as Regulated Air Cargo Agents status and comply to RACASP.....



Mar 2009 - The Straits Times: Geared For Growth

SMEs in Logistics - Building capabilities for the upturn.


Feb 2009 - Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh City Mission Trip

Ho Chi Minh City Mission trip is organized by Spring Singapore from 16 - 18 Feb 2009. This trip has given THT Logistics the opportunity to understand the industrial development as well as working with Ascendas in tapping the Vietnam market opportunity.


Oct 2008 Business Times-Strong HR Capabiliity Boost Business Growth At THT Logistics

"The outcome is very favourable. Our business has expanded with higher turnover. Our value-added per worker has increased 70 per cent in the Jan to July period when compared to the same period last year".


Oct 2008 Speech By Mr. Lim Swee Say, Minister, Prime Minister's Office At Business Excellence Award 2008

"For THT Logistics , HR is not just about paying good salary. It is also about creating a competitive and rewarding compensation and benefits package that meets the expectations of both the employer and employees.".....Click to view


Jul 2008 Australia-Melbourne Mission Trip

Melbourne Logistics Mission Trip is organized by Spring Singapore, supported by IE Singapore and Singapore Logistics Association from 28 - 31 July 2008. This trip has given THT Logistics the opportunity to learn about the latest development in the logistics cluster in Australia such as 3rd party, cold chain, pharmaceutical and reverse logistics.




Jun 2008 Type II Zero-GST Warehouse Licence 

THT Logistics is awarded Type II Zero-GST Warehouse Licence on 1 June, 2008. Zero-GST Warehouse is a welcome replacement of the Bonded Warehouse Scheme. All our customers who are importers, exporters, trading companies and distributors can benefit from this scheme where they do not have to immediately pay GST on their imported non-imported non-dutiable goods stored at our warehouse.....


Nov 2007 5S & ISO 9001 Certification 

THT Logistics is certified with 5S & ISO 9001in November 2007.....



Jan 2007 TODAY-Middle Man In The Middle East


Dec 2006 The Straits Times: Local Firm THT in Logistics Tie-up With Dubai Group


Nov 2006 Ministry Of Trade And Industry's Official Visit

Official from the Ministry of Trade and Industry led by Mr. Png and his team from Spring Singapore, visited THT Logistics premise on 1 November 2006. The purpose of this visit is to understand how local logistics players prepare themselves for international expansion. During this visit, the official took a site visit to our warehouse facilities to understand various functions of our company as well as our growth plan for 2007-2008.


Jul 2006 Dubai Mission Trip

Dubai Mission Trip is jointly organized by IE Singapore and Spring Singapore from 2 - 7 July 2006. This trip has given THT Logistics the opportunity to feel the pulse of the city and make contact with some of the key industrial players in the market. We would like to thank IE Singapore and Spring Singapore for bringing us a fruitful and enjoyable trip to Dubai.